2020-04-18 13:27

In order to reduce customer's dyeing cost , DCC successfully developed series of dyes which can be used to replace following textile dyestuff

* Dianix Plus

For reliable dyeing of medium and heavy shades

*Dianix AC-E series

Compatible dyes for repaid, reliable dyeing of Pale shades

*Dianix CC dyes

Economical, medium-energy range for rapid and reliable dyeing

* Dianix XF Dyes/ SF dyes

Dyes for highest levels of wash and wet-fastness

*Dianix UN-SE

Compatible, level-dyeing for medium and heavy shades

*TERASIL W series / WW series

The first-generation TERASIL W wash fastness dyes are high-energy chromophore-modified dyes that promote wash fastness and ensure that dye staining on elastane (EL) is easily cleared. They provide excellent ISO 60°C wash astness and good AATCC 49°C wash fastness.

The second-generation TERASIL WW wash fastness dyes are high-energy chromophore-modified dyes that provide the best wet fastness performance in today's market. They deliver excellent performance at ISO 60°C and AATCC 49°C.

* (CIBA) Lanaset series

Robust dyeing system for dyeing and printing wool, polyamide or silk with a high fastness standard

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